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Are Your Designs “IoT-ready”?

Whether your new designs require SOMs, Wi-Fi modules, Single board computers, Software development kits, or more, Lantronix’ full suite of embedded (OEM) offerings provides everything you need to enhance the value and utility of your designs, speed time to market, and deploy your IoT and M2M designs, TODAY.

Our OEM Modules family of products, solutions and software are embedded inside modern electronic systems and equipment to provide secure network connectivity, application hosting, protocol conversion, and other functions.

The products are offered with a software suite intended to decrease your time-to-market and increase value-add. Among others, products in the OEM Modules product line include: xPort and xPort Pro, xPico, xPico Wi-Fi, MatchPort, PremierWave EN, and WiPort.

Product Categories

xPico Wi-Fi

Embedded Device Servers

Network-connect End Devices and Products
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Evaluation Kits

Test drive our network connectivity solutions
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System on Chip (SoC) Modules

Lantronix provides high performance in device networking solutions with their family of System on Chip (SoC) modules.
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System on Module (SoM) Single Board Computers

Lantronix Embedded Single board computers offers optimal connectivity through Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi
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