Connectivity Services

Secure global internet for everything.

Our IoT cellular platform simplifies connecting your global IoT fleet, on every network, using a single SIM.

Global Cellular Connectivity

Roam globally for one flat rate
across regions and borders.

Global Connectivity is ideally suited for your mission-critical applications.

Our multi-IMSI architecture enables devices to automatically switch between different mobile network operators based on factors like signal strength and coverage to provide your solution maximum uptime.

One global data SIM accesses over 600 network partners in 185 countries worldwide

Carrier Connectivity

The best North American cellular coverage and performance for your IoT connectivity solution.

Connectivity plans are available for all major U.S. and Canadian carriers. No need to worry or hassle with carrier contract and agreement negotiations.

Simply select a carrier plan the best fits your bandwidth requirement, activate your end point SIMs, and you’re ready to go.

VPN Security

Ensuring your end point
connections and data are secure.

A client app provides a secure VPN connection to your end application from virtually any internet-connected remote location.

Site-to-Site VPN provides a secure IPsec tunnel from the carrier network to your data center ensuring a highly secure connection and data integrity

Gain insights to improve your operational efficiency.

Our easy-to-use cellular management platform provides built-in analytics to help you uncover SIM usage and key trends. Run the extensive diagnostic features to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

View SIM usage and uncover key trends. Monitor SIMs and receive alerts when data or SMS limit events are triggered.

Expert Support Team

We care about your success.

Our network operations center is proactively monitoring
connectivity and issues 24/7, and our technical support team is available for your care and service, growing with you.

Learn More

Get connected quickly
and easily scale your business.

Our solution advisors are here to help you get started on the best global or North American cellular connectivity plan.

Refer to the content links to find answers and learn how to connect and manage your IoT connectivity solution.

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