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Product Bulletins by Date

Posted Bulletin / Change Notice Description Download
07/02/15 PCN-320: SLC 8000 Firmware (v7.2.0.0) release (TAA SKUs) PDF
07/02/15 PCN-319: SLC 8000 Firmware (v7.2.0.0) release (Standard SKUs) PDF
07/01/15 PCN-315: Micro125 MAC address change / Firmware (v6.11.0.0) update PDF
07/01/15 PCN-314: XPort Direct+ MAC address change / Firmware (v6.11.0.0) update PDF
07/01/15 PCN-311: Spider and SpiderDuo Firmware (v3.0.20) update PDF
07/01/15 PCN-309: EDS-MD Firmware (v7.2.0.3) update PDF
07/01/15 PCN-301: UDS1100 IAP Hardware / Firmware (v6.11.0.0) updates PDF
07/01/15 PCN-300: UDS1100/2100 & SDS11001/2101 Hardware (v6.11.0.0)/ Firmware updates PDF
05/19/15 PCN-299: XPress Pro (X920xxxxx-01) - Removal of CD-ROM PDF
05/19/15 PCN-292: XPress Pro (X520xxxxx-01) - Housing Color Change; Removal of CD-ROM; Support for IEEE 802.3az EEE / 802.1p QoS PDF
04/15/15 PCN-295: MatchPort b/g Pro Discontinuation Notice PDF
04/15/15 PCN-294: MatchPort b/g Discontinuation Notice PDF
03/30/15 PCN-293: MSS4 (MSS4-D-11) Discontinuation Notice PDF
03/20/15 PCN-291: xPrintServer Cloud Print Edition - New Application Firmware v5.0.0 PDF
02/22/15 PCN-288: SLPY (SLPY1612E-02) Discontinuation Notice PDF
02/22/15 PCN-287: PremierWave EN firmware release PDF
02/22/15 PCN-286: PremierWave EN firmware release - Japan SKUs PDF
02/22/15 PCN-285: SLP / SLPY Phase Out PDF
02/22/15 PCN-281: xPico Wi-Fi and xPico New Packaging - from Tape & Reel to Std ESD PDF
01/14/15 PCN-278: SLB - China Compulsory Certification (CCC) approval announcement PDF
01/14/15 PCN-275: SLB - device firmware release v6.1.0.0 PDF
01/07/15 PCN-274: xPico Wi-Fi firmware release PDF
12/09/14 PCN-271: XPress-Pro Housing Color Change PDF
12/09/14 PCN-270: xPico Wi-Fi firmware release PDF
12/09/14 PCN-250: MatchPort b/g and NR firmware release and Web Manager version PDF
11/20/14 PCN-265: PremierWave XC HSPA+ firmware release PDF
11/20/14 PCN-254: xPico firmware release PDF
11/20/14 PCN-252: XPort-05 firmware release - APAC only PDF
11/20/14 PCN-251: XPort-05 firmware release PDF
11/13/14 PCN-266: PremierWave® XN firmware version PDF
09/24/14 PCN-264: XPort Pro Linux Hardware and Software change PDF
09/24/14 PCN-263: XPort Pro Evolution Hardware change PDF
09/24/14 PCN-260: SLB882 Branch Office Manager Hardware Revision PDF
08/28/14 PCN-259: Additional SLM SKUs Discontinuation Notice PDF
08/28/14 PCN-258: SLM (SLM25612N-02) Discontinuation Notice PDF
08/28/14 PCN-257: Micro100-KIT Discontinuation Notice PDF
08/06/14 PCN-256: WiPort Evaluation Kit (WP200200KG-02) Discontinuation Notice PDF
08/06/14 PCN-246: Spider and Spider Duo Firmware Release v3.0.10 PDF
08/05/14 PCN-249: SLC02 Last Day of Support PDF
08/05/14 PCN-248: SLB 220 Discontinuation Notice PDF
08/05/14 PCN-245: xPico / xPico Wi-Fi - Packaging Change from standard ESD-bag packaging to Tape & Reel PDF
08/05/14 PCN-244: PremierWave XC Firmware Release v7.8.0.0R26 PDF
07/11/14 PCN-243: New Firmware version for the Lantronix SLC Secure Console Manager TAA Version (US only) PDF
07/11/14 PCN-242: New Firmware version for the Lantronix SLC Secure Console Manager & SLB Branch Office Manager PDF
06/24/14 PCN-241: PremierWave® XC HSPA+ New Application Firmware Version PDF
06/24/14 PCN-240: XPress-DR Hardware change (PHY) and CD-Rom removal PDF
04/28/14 PCN-230: UDS2100 Small Box Packaging Change (Shipping Box, Box Insert, Master Carton) PDF
03/04/14 PCN-223: WiPort with RS485 Discontinuation Notice PDF
02/20/14 PCN-214: 8-Port SLP Discontinuation Notice PDF
02/04/14 PCN-222: Amendment to PCN-221 - xPico Wi-Fi Firmware Release PDF
01/24/14 PCN-221: xPico Wi-Fi Firmware Release PDF
01/07/14 PCN-217: Amendment to PCN-207 - XPort XE with MODBUS transition PDF
11/15/13 PCN-212: MatchPort AR Firmware Release PDF
07/25/13 PCN-209: XPort Direct Plus Firmware Release PDF
07/25/13 PCN-207: XPort-IAP-04R to -05R (Modbus) transition PDF
07/19/13 PCN-208: WiPort NR Firmware Release PDF
06/19/13 PCN-210: 56KMODEMCARD-02 End of Life Notice PDF
05/21/13 PCN-206: WiBox Firmware Release PDF
05/09/13 PCN-205: Product Phase Out Notice - SLB088411-02 PDF
04/03/13 PCN-203: MSSLite End of Life Notice PDF
02/20/13 PCN-201: xPrintServer 3.1.0-12 Firmware Release PDF
02/12/13 PCN-199: Micro125 Firmware Release PDF
01/21/13 PCN-196: EDS4100, EDS 8/16 PS, EDS 8/16/32 PR firmware version R1 PDF
01/21/13 PCN-194: XPort-05 and MAC address change / XPort-04 Discontinue notice PDF
12/03/12 PCN-192: WiPort b/g Firmware Release PDF
11/01/12 PCN-191: MatchPort b/g Pro Firmware Release PDF
11/01/12 PCN-188: MatchPort b/g Firmware Release PDF
11/01/12 PCN-187: xPico Firmware Release PDF
09/26/12 PCN-186: PremierWave EN Firmware Release PDF
09/11/12 PCN-175: XPort Commercial Temperature Phase-Out PDF
09/11/12 PCN-185: xPico Development Kit upgrade PDF
08/15/12 PCN-184: UDS1100/UDS2100 with CoBos PDF
07/15/12 PCN-172: SLB/SLC Firmware Release v5.5e PDF
07/09/12 PCN-181: SCS (SCS100, SCS200, SCS400) End Of Life Notice PDF
07/05/12 PCN-179: XPort-04 with CoBos Firmware v6.8.0.2 PDF
07/03/12 PCN-176: XChip and XChip Direct Phase Out PDF
06/29/12 PCN-177: xPico with Cobos Firmware v6.8.0.2 PDF
04/20/12 PCN-174: XPort-04 with CoBos Firmware v6.8.0.1 PDF
03/16/12 PCN-171: XPort Pro Evolution OS PDF
10/21/11 PCN-166: XPort Pro 8MB version Phaseout PDF
09/15/11 PCN-167: MatchPort b/g PCBA design revision PDF
08/16/11 PCN-164: UDS2100 Firmware v6.7.0.3 PDF
07/27/11 PCN-163: XPort Pro 8MB version Phase Out Notice PDF
06/21/11 PCN-162: Announcement of XPort Pro 16MB versions PDF
06/03/11 PCN-161: PremierWave EN Firmware v7.2.0.0 PDF
05/19/11 PCN-160: WiMicro Discontinue / End of Life Notice PDF
05/19/11 PCN-157: MSS100 PhaseOut / End of Life Notice PDF
05/13/11 PCN-159: XPort AR Firmware v5.2.0.0 R21 PDF
04/15/11 PCN-153: EDS/Evolution Firmware v5.2.0.0 R24 PDF
04/07/11 PCN-152: Lantronix SLM Firmware v3.4 PDF
03/15/11 PCN-156: Cobox products Phaseout / End of Life Notice PDF
03/15/11 PCN-155: External products (various) End of Life Notice PDF
03/15/11 PCN-154: Embedded products (various) End of Life Notice PDF
02/02/11 PCN-151: XPress-Pro SW 94000 & 94012F Phaseout PDF
12/06/10 PCN-149: EDS1100/2100 Firmware v5.2.0.0 PDF
12/06/10 PCN-145: XPort Pro Firmware v5.2.0.0 PDF
10/29/10 PCN-148: Micro100 End of Life Notice PDF
10/26/10 PCN-147: Micro100 to Micro125 Transition Notice PDF
10/01/10 PCN-146: ManageLinx v3.0 PDF
08/20/10 PCN-143: XPort-04 / XPort Pro Label Change PDF
08/09/10 PCN-144: EDS1100 / EDS2100 Firmware v5.1.0.0 R14 PDF
07/29/10 PCN-140: XPort Pro / MatchPort AR Linux SDKs PDF
07/20/10 PCN-142: Lantronix SLM / ManageLinx DSM - Increased RAM size PDF
07/20/10 PCN-141: Lantronix SLB Firmware v5.5a PDF
05/25/10 PCN-139: XPort-04 Firmware v6.7.0.1 PDF
05/18/10 PCN-138: MatchPort b/g Pro Firmware v1.3.0.0R9 PDF
05/05/10 PCN-137: XPort-03 Firmware v6.7.0.1 PDF
04/22/10 PCN-136: MatchPort AR / XPort AR Firmware v5.1.0.0 PDF
03/15/10 PCN-135: Product Discontinuation Announcement - Lantronix Branch Office Solution KIT (BOSKIT) PDF
03/15/10 PCN-133: Lantronix SpiderDuo - Power Supply PDF
03/02/10 PCN-132: Lantronix Spider - Firmware v3.01 PDF
02/24/10 PCN-131: Product Discontinuation Announcement - LPS1-T PDF
02/14/10 PCN-128: Micro CO-E2 Variants PDF
02/05/10 PCN-129: CoBos v6.7.0.0 firmware update (MatchPort, WiPort, WiBox) PDF
01/11/10 PCN-130: SLB / SLC Firmware Version 5.4 PDF
12/21/09 PCN-127: SLB / SLC - transition from PCMCIA to USB PDF
10/30/09 PCN-121: Product Discontinuation Announcement - UBox PDF
10/16/09 PCN-120: Product Change Notification - XPort 04 PDF
10/09/09 PCN-119: EDS8PS/16PS Firmware released PDF
07/10/09 PCN-117: EDS4100 Firmware update v4.1.0.2 PDF
07/09/09 PCN-116: EDS8PR/16PR/32PR Firmware update v4.1.0.2 PDF
02/25/09 PCN-108: Product Discontinuation Announcement - XPort Direct PDF
01/27/09 PCN-111: UDS2100 Firmware v6.6.0.3 PDF
01/13/09 PCN-110: Product Discontinuation Announcement - ETS8PS / ETS16PS PDF
01/09/09 PCN-109: Product Discontinuation Announcement - SDS2100 (SecureBox) PDF
12/01/08 PCN-107: Product Discontinuation Announcement - WiSpan PDF
11/13/08 PCN-106: UDS1100 Firmware PDF
11/06/08 PCN-105: MatchPort AR Firmware 1.1 PDF
09/30/08 PCN-103: XPort Firmware PDF
09/16/08 PCN-101: MatchPort b/g Firmware 6.6 PDF
09/15/08 PCN-100: XPort Modbus Firmware 2.40 PDF
08/25/08 PCN-095: Product Discontinuation Announcement - MSS485-T PDF
08/25/08 PCN-094: Product Discontinuation Announcement - CoBox-FL-11 / CoBox-FL-IAP PDF
04/04/08 PCN-090: XPort Direct+ AES Firmware PDF
03/27/08 PCN-089: XPort Web Manager Version PDF
03/14/08 PCN-088: Lantronix SLC & SLB - Compact Flash compatibility PDF
02/11/08 PCN-087: WiBox Firmware v6.6 PDF
02/11/08 PCN-086: MatchPort b/g Firmware v6.6 PDF
02/11/08 PCN-085: WiPort Firmware v6.6 PDF
01/18/08 PCN-084: Product Discontinuation Announcement - XPress-I/O PDF
01/11/08 PB-110: Mounting Bracket Kit for Lantronix Spider (083-015-R) PDF
01/09/08 PCN-079: Product Discontinuation Announcement - Lantronix SLK PDF
01/08/08 PCN-081: Product Discontinuation Announcement - 200.2225
(RJ45F/RF45RF adapter)
01/08/08 PCN-078: Product Discontinuation Announcement - UDS200 PDF
12/20/07 PCN-083: WiPort PDF
11/15/07 PCN-080: XPort Firmware Version 6.5 PDF
10/17/07 Product Discontinuation Reminder - SCS820/1620, SCS3205/4805 PDF
08/28/07 PCN-076: Product Discontinuation Announcement -
non-RoHS UBox 4100
07/17/07 Errata: XPort Direct DTR Signal PDF
06/07/07 PCN-075: Product Discontinuation Announcement - Stallion Products
(EasyIO, EasyConnection, EasyServer)
04/17/07 PCN-072: Product Discontinuation Announcement - SCS1600/SCS3200 PDF
04/13/07 PCN-071: Product Discontinuation Announcement - ETS16PR/ETS32PR PDF
02/01/07 PCN-070: Antenna Part # Change PDF
01/11/07 PCN-069: XPort AR Evolution Firmware Version PDF
12/27/06 PCN-066: Product Discontinuation Announcement - non-RoHS SDS1100 PDF
11/21/06 PCN-068: SLM Firmware Version 2.2 PDF
11/20/06 PCN-067: SLC Firmware Version 4.3 PDF
10/10/06 PCN-064: SLC Firmware Version 4.2 PDF
09/15/06 PCN-063: Product Discontinuation Announcement - non-RoHS WiBox PDF
09/07/06 PB-106: ActiveLinx Product Shipping Contents PDF
08/28/06 PCN-062: SLM Firmware Version 2.1 PDF
08/24/06 PB-107: SecureLinx Product Shipping Contents PDF
08/09/06 PCN-060: Product End-Of-Life Notice: Non-RoHS SCS100 PDF
08/02/06 PCN-058: Product End-Of-Life Notice: Non-RoHS XPort AR PDF
07/21/06 PCN-057: New RoHS SLPV16 Remote Power Managers
(and non-RoHS model EOL)
07/20/06 PCN-056: New RoHS SLPH08 Remote Power Managers
(and non-RoHS model EOL)
07/05/06 PCN-055: Micro100 Firmware Version 6.1 PDF
06/27/06 PCN-054: New RoHS 56KModemCard PDF
06/09/06 PCN-052: New RoHS SLC Console Managers (and non-RoHS model EOL) PDF
06/07/06 PCN-051: New RoHS XPress-DR products (and non-RoHS models EOL) PDF
06/06/06 PCN-053: SLC Firmware Version 4.1 PDF
05/23/06 PCN-050: Product Discontinuation Announcement - UDS10 PDF
05/23/06 PCN-049: Product Discontinuation Announcement - UDS100 PDF
04/21/06 PCN-048: Product End-of-Life Notice — Non-RoHS WiPort "b" PDF
04/19/06 PCN-043: Product End-of-Life Notice — Non-RoHS MSS100 PDF
04/18/06 PCN-047: SLC Firmware Version 4.0a PDF
02/17/06 PCN-044: Product End-of-Life Notice — Non-RoHS CoBox Mirco100 PDF
01/13/06 PCN-032: Product End-of-Life Notice — Non-RoHS CoBox Mirco10 PDF
12/20/05 PCN-033: XPort Firmware Version 6.1 PDF
11/15/05 NEW Rolled Serial Adapter PDF
09/29/05 PCN-031: Product End-of-Life Notice — Non-RoHS XPort PDF
08/03/05 PCN-029: SLC Firmware - v3.1 PDF
05/27/05 PCN-025: SLC Firmware - v3.0 PDF
05/09/05 PCN-024: SLK Firmware - May '05 PDF
05/06/05 PCN-027: CoBox Firmware v5.8.0.1 PDF
04/22/05 PCN-028: WiPort RS-485, WPA, Web Manager v1.2.0.1, Firmware v6.0.0.1 PDF
02/21/05 PB-108: SLC8 Console Manager Firmware Update v2.1 PDF
01/31/05 PCN-023: USB ServerSwitch Firmware v1.54 PDF
12/07/04 PCN-022: MPS100 Print Server PDF
11/17/04 PCN-021: SLC Firmware v2.0 PDF
10/22/04 PCN-013: CoBox-FL PDF
10/22/04 PCN-013b: CoBox-FL-IAP PDF
10/13/04 PCN-020: WiPort Firmware v5.8.0.1 PDF
09/22/04 PCN-019: SCS Firmware v4.4.1 PDF
08/10/04 PCN-018: ModBus Firmware v1.8 PDF
08/13/04 PCN-016: XPort-03 Firmware v1.8 PDF
07/22/04 PCN-014: SCS Firmware v4.4 PDF
06/28/04 PCN-004A: New MPS100 Print Server Models PDF
06/22/04 PCN-011: USB Personality Module (200.000.0016-RX) Firmware Update
06/22/04 PCN-010: USB Server Switch (300.000.1000B) Firmware Update
06/02/04 PCN-008: XPort PDF
05/11/04 PCN-009: CPU Change to Embedded & Box Device Servers PDF
04/09/04 PCN-007: EPS2-100 PDF
02/27/04 PCN-003: SCS400 PDF
01/22/04 PCN-005: New Firmware for SCS400 PDF
12/03/03 PB-105: NEBS-Compliant Secure Console Servers PDF
11/30/03 PB-104: New Firmware Version 1.5 For XPort PDF
10/27/03 PB-103: NEW Version of Firmware for Secure Console Server SCS v2.0/1 PDF
9/24/03 PB-102: New firmware release version 4.3 for Lantronix Secure Console Servers PDF
9/24/03 PB-101: New Adapter Part Numbers for Console Servers PDF
9/24/03 PCN-002: Product Change Notice - Firmware PDF
9/24/03 PCN-001: Product Change Notice - SCS100 PDF


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