Live from Macworld: Timing is Everything.

Coming to you live from the Macworld/MacIT show floor!  Last night more than 700 members of the press flooded the dedicated media event…. And our team must’ve done a demo for every one of them.  Some twice! (read article)   The reaction across the board has been remarkably consistent — the first response is “wow, […]

iPhones (and Lantronix) help deliver babies?

Yes “has an app for that”.  Airstrip OB delivers the expectant mother’s vital signs to the doctor’s iPhone no matter where he or she is.  This really helps to alleviate anxiety when the doctor cannot be with the expectant parents.  According to Dr. Tomás Marimón, obstetrician/gynecologist affiliated with Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami, […]

Wireless, wireless everywhere!

A recent Automation World article pointed out what we’ve been seeing internally and with our customers for a while: The world is going wireless. In everyday life we’ve experienced it with laptops, netbooks, iPads and smartphones. Wireless technology is expanding into many more areas of our lives, both personal and professional. Use of 802.11 in […]

iPad Spurs Innovation in Remote Wireless Access

There has been a lot of fanfare around the iPad launch and you can’t help but be amazed by the advances made in the past few years in products with wireless connectivity. I had a chance to play with an iPad and it is an impressive piece of equipment. It was only a few years […]